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December-February Update

The last quarter has been all about figuring out how to scale up our operations to be led by a community. To do this in a way that aligns with our values has been the challenge and as we move into March, we think we are in a great position to make that transition.

The Highlights

  • Initiated the first Skills Camp!
  • Engaged with Spacemakers in the effort to support this initiative in Brixton Village Market. Set up temporary home in the Transition Towns Community Shop to run our Skills Camps.
  • Discovered that Sofia had been appointed as one of 15 London Leaders, following her nomination!
  • Met Danone Communities, a deep community builder in Paris around the theme of Social Business.
  • Found a wonderful new home for London Creative Labs, with an aligned community in Vauxhall.
  • Ran the first UK-based training of Evolution Lounge: urban guerilla coaching meets peer-mentoring. It was a great success and we plan to do more!
  • Facilitated the Economics Stream at Ecotopia.
  • Spoke at the Institute of Chartered Accountants about redefining jobs and employment.
  • Began a project to produce a brochure on Social Business typologies.
  • Re-framed LCL 3.0 as addressing three themes: Job Creation, Business Model Innovation, and Distributed Process Literacy (skills of participation).
  • Prepared the ground for LCL to move to transition to a community-led venture to deliver on LCL 3.0.

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