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Results Overview

From 2011 to 2012 we ran our own programme: Startup Brixton! in one of the most deprived wards in Brixton, London.

The results achieved by this programme were outstanding:
  • The Social Impact was measured. See the independent audit by the Office for Public Management here.
  • We proved our change hypothesis & significantly boosted participation in the Labs by people who are usually not just excluded but also choose not to show up for creative/entrepreneurial events.
  • We succeeded in reaching and engaging our target audience as attested to by the testimonials below.
For full documented results please see our social impact page


Claudius Campbell

"When I first joined the Skills Camps Classes at Loughborough Centre, I was unsure of what to expect. After attending three classes, I started to realise what 'Skills Camps' was all about and their set objectives.

I learnt how to be confident and assertive with the skill and abilities I never knew I already had. The skills are as follows:

*It helped enlightened me to be able to recognise my inner powers and the abilities that I have. 
*How I relate with my community and how the community relates back to me. 
*It gave me the ability to tap into my holistic views of mind, body and soul. This was very intriguing. 
*It taught me how to pass on information and supporting skill to those who may have low self-esteem or those who are unable to recognise their own potential.

Overall, I found the class very inspiring and fulfilling, the tutors were very helpful and supportive. They made me feel that I was part of a family, rather than that I was just in a class of people. The delivery of the class was excellent and I would recommend this to anyone. I hope that SKILLS CAMPS will always continue because it is nice to know that you have places like this, if you need guidance, support, uplifting etc.

Thank you for all your support and guidance... you will always be my family.”

Rocio Veloso Chacon

"I would like to share my experience being part of "Skills Camps" of London Creative Labs. During the 11 weeks I have been in the course I feel a big change in my career and in the perception about myself as a human being. Before I started the course, I was not really sure I could make my skills and previous experience be useful to develop the career of my dreams (related with Education, Psychology and Community Work). I want to share with you that now I am starting a freelance career in Emotional & Interpersonal Relationship Coaching and transferring my professional skills into English; something I thought impossible 3 months ago!

I know that a testimony like this, sometimes could sounds a cliché and repeated story and then you never find it in reality. However, I feel that being part of this course and work with all the Coaches, has been a privilege and a great contribution in my life. From the beginning I realized that the course material had been chosen with special care, making each paragraph and tool made sense to us. In my experience working in Education, I believe that the methodology developed by the team has been very high quality, showing an excellent domain in instructional design and putting into practice the course. I can see that there is much knowledge and experience behind them. Also, the learning atmosphere that the Coach Team has developed throughout the program has been really warm and collaborative. At first caught my attention the heterogeneous group that we were us all (different cultures, religions, ages and backgrounds). I felt a bit apprehensive of being able to relate well with them. However, my colleagues and I have developed strong bonds of cooperation and friendship. They have been complicit and teachers in my learning process and I am very grateful. From this point of view, I was amazed to see how through the course has been given new life to this group in Brixton; For example, when we met in the week at the same cafe to discuss and share our ideas and advances in skills, knowledge and in our own lives. I realise that the Programme has not only led to changes in the skills and concepts with our careers, but also in networks and ties that we have built through it as a community.

The last thing I would add is that the opportunity to participate in this course has allowed me to find myself and develop a better version of me ... with I dreamed of and wanted to live. If anyone is not clear yet about participate or not in the programme, I would say not miss this chance because sometimes opportunities like this come around once in life and if you take it could change your life forever”

Tunika Nsingo

"There is one single word I can describe the career-coaching course, FANTASTIC! I have thoroughly enjoyed the course, especially how its been taught and the amazing team who are forever a phone call away. Each member of staff is on point from the method of teaching to the career path that one wants to take. The course has given me a sense of hope and understanding of myself – my confidence has gone up double times from when I started the course, I feel on point and sure of the direction I want to head in terms of career and dealing with any conflicts in my pursuit of happiness. I can write an essay just how much the course has meant to me but to sum it up, the course has allowed me to see my own strength, meet people of similar circumstance in my community who I have developed a friendship and a great support system from the creative lab team. I want to thank the creative team for helping me build a solid foundation of getting to know me again of who I am, what I am capable of and where I am going. Its been the best choice I have ever made this year. Thank you x”

Agiatu Bangura

"My name is Agiatu Bangura. I became interested on this course immediately after seeing the leaflet through my door post. 
I started the cours with open-minded and my expectations where met even beyond. Personally, I have acquired a great deal of knowledge and skills for the rest of my life. And my confidence and seeing or doing things into different perspective has been increased. The way I see and think about myself has been strengthened for action. Also, meeting people on this course from different backgrounds is something that cannot be forgotten. This was so amazing and I think the community will benefit so much from the course in different ways. The coaches and supporters where lovely, amazing in all aspects. I have never met people as decided and determined to make a difference to other people's lives. Each weeks of this course for me was worth it. I have met people in my life that i'll never forget. This is not just because of the way the course was delivered, but the attitude and approach was phenomenal. There was a great deal of team work going on during and even after each session. I can confidently say that this experience has made a great difference in me and I appreciate everything. 
I hope and look forward to any follow up and support in order to further develop myself in the near future. Thank you all and all the best in your work and mission.”

Sue Bell

"It was a joy to be part of the first programme in Brixton. It was a gradual unfolding of experiences that challenged us and helped us grow with insight and revelations that we are the people we have been looking for. It was both supportive and testing environment. It was wonderful to have so many different cultural and language backgrounds, we used them to full advantage and feedback the value of working with our peers on the programme. The generosity and human wealth of the people on the programme made this an unusual and rewarding experience. It was really helpful to have it located in our backyard.

Having been frozen for 10 years I am able to write my CV in a way that is natural, captures the core of what I have learnt and what I have to contribute. I have gained a gem beyond financial value. The tools are simple and profound they can be used to allow the fullness of each individual’s life experience to be captured and overcome resistance of people who feel low self-worth.

A truly inspiring experience. I didn’t know until the 3rd week that I am now inspired to coach people into transition livelihoods that empower them into interdependent autonomous lives and communities. This programme has provided effective guidance, principles and tools for me to be capable of coaching this intention.”

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