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Our Vision

This roadmap maps the vision of London Creative Labs.

Last updated: March 16th, 2010.

10 Years

  • Social business is no longer needed as a term in the UK as all businesses are responsible to the wider ecology.


2-4 Years

  • A new ecosystem of responsible businesses come into being — wealth-generating entities that are based on new/hybrid forms of enterprises.
  • Zero-waste industries begin to be viable.
  • Zero-wasted people: the collective sense of how to help each other integrate well into society matures.
  • Tried and tested: models that contribute positively to a sustainable economy.
  • How much money and happiness would this be worth? You do the maths!


18-24 Months

  • New job generation: enterprises tap into the existing (latent) talent of disenfranchised people in innovative ways.
  • A stronger understanding and experimentation/application of social business models is established.
  • Community-owned facilitation practice become common-place — not just teaching facilitation but communities proactively creating their own learning experiences!
  • Large proportions of the disenfranchised communities are re-engaged. (At least 1,000 families have been positively transformed thanks to London Creative Labs.)
  • There's widespread understanding that each person can contribute positively in some way to society and should be supported to do so if they need the support.


12-18 Months

  • London-wide application of Job Labs.
  • Large scale dialogue processes are underway.
  • Strong community of practitioners around the toolbox of techniques being applied.
  • Unexpected outcomes from re-empowered people.


6-12 Months

  • Scaled up Job Labs.
  • Train the Trainer Skills Camps are up and running.
  • Strong and vibrant community around London Creative Labs.
  • Incorporated organisation in appropriate form(s).
  • Stabilised business model.
  • Revenue growth from valued community training tools.
  • Tech solutions emerging to support the Job Lab process.


0-6 months

  • Transition to a Community-Led initiative.
  • Prototype revenue model for London Creative Labs in place.
  • The first Job Lab co-designed by the community.
  • Run Social Business Model innovation session.
  • Run facilitation training products from 2-hour sessions to multi-day training.
  • Facilitate tech innovation for Community Asset Mapping.