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London Creative Labs is a Social Business committed to ensuring decent
work for everyone

It uses a unique and evolving combination of collaboration and business model innovation to
generate new business opportunities that provide and/or enable work.

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We are committed to ensuring decent work for everyone with our
three-level approach

  • Creating the jobs and kind of work that we would want our children to have
  • Discovering better business/other models to generate the jobs and work
  • Helping more people participate in the process



This is achieved with our Products and Services:

Skills Camps — Where Career Coaches Are Discovered

Social Startup Labs — Where Startups Are Born

Social Startup Incubator — Where Startups Grow Wings



Current Status


April 2014 Update

LCL (London Creative Labs) was first of all an enquiry, then a vision, and we are proud to say that it now stands as tested core concept. We had a hypothesis, put it to the test. It worked, and we now have proof of concept. It is our wish that the core findings will be helpful to other projects around the world. You can see them summarised in our Social Impact Section.

Often, a good answer to a question, is yet another question. In following our curiosity with London Creative Labs, as to how we can create more participatory systems, a new enquiry emerged, about what it takes to facilitate change in areas that can seem unyieldingly stuck within individuals. As founders of LCL, we sensed the call and a duty to follow this enquiry in the form of a new venture. The new venture takes us a level deeper into what it takes to facilitate change at the toughest level of human experience.

The resources that were developed along the way during the journey of LCL will gradually be put into the public domain. To get involved with LCL in its new form, and for more details on the next steps and our next venture, have a look at our latest blog article