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Startup Brixton — Let's Get Brixton Working!

A spark of hope in dismal times — This programme ran from July 2011 to July 2012

Skills Camps — Where Career Coaches Are Discovered

Skills Camps do two things. 1. Ensure that there will be representation of the most disadvantaged people when the workshops on opportunity-spotting take place. 2. Independent of this they enable people who are long-term unemployed to move forward in their search for meaningful work in society. Read More

Social Startup Labs — Where Startups Are Born

Social Startup Labs do 3 things 1. Enable a community to map the hidden assets and needs and thereby identify the latent opportunities for new economic activity. 2. Enable a community to handle their own data. 3. Bring the whole system and connect people across divides. Read More

SocialStartup Incubator — Where Startups Grow Wings

The Social Startup Incubator is there to take fledgling startups to market. Read more.

Startup Brixton! is a programme designed & delivered by London Creative Labs that ran in Brixton in 2011-2012. It combined the above products in a unique way to empower a neighbourhood, as described in our 2 minute video.

The following presentation is both a comprehensive overview of our approach and a summary of the Startup Brixton programme.

You can see the results and testimonials here , and the fully documented Social Impact here.