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One Year On — Reflections and Next Steps!

Dear LCL supporters and friends.

Where on earth are we? Last year we finally finished the write up of all our reports. See the results here

It worked!
One year on, we are reflecting on what we did. Of critical importance, we had put our theories to the test. Most crucially we proved our change hypothesis. [LINK TO VIDEO] We are delighted to say it worked. We now have direct experience that when you properly empower people and communities to participate in an economy, they will do so with flying colours. Thank You We THANK EVERYONE who has been part of this thrilling mission-driven adventure: both the core team and the wider network. Looking at the huge list of people here who have contributed in some way always gives us such a feeling of warmth.

Future Possibilities
To see what we believe is possible to build on these foundations, please see our Road Map. [LINK] If you feel you are the right partner to take this forward with us please get in touch. Our visions are intact and would be happy to share them. Meanwhile, we hope that the ideas and resources on this site inspire people to do similar things.

Evolution of the idea, Being authentic
Last year, as the the dust has settled, we considered how we could improve on what we did. We took a very deep dive. What know that what happened was amazing but it did take a lot out of us. A key value that we have is authenticity. We need to walk our talk. As system entrepreneurs, social entrepreneurs, we knew that something was missing. It needed to be addressed before taking our work to the next level. We took time to regroup our resources before rushing to the next stage, looking to see where there is room for improvement for our core mission. Ultimately we are about transformation of people and communities. Our question was, how could this be done, but without such a cost to the people making it happen. This is not just about money, it goes way beyond that. We have started to write about this and this will appear in various places. We will keep you posted through this site about that. [Look out for our contribution to a wonderful book on making a difference and thriving later this year].

Finding gold!
In our search, we feel we stumbled on some gold. A big new insight which has led to a whole new direction. We have decided to give this its own time as we believe it merits it. Ultimately everything will integrate into our core mission.

Follow us
So feel free to follow us there too at Raising Your Game and its twin Game The Work . You can also read more of our personal journeys here: from Sofia and Mamading .

What does it mean going forward for LCL?

The core ideas have not changed. We are simply adding more possibilities. As we stumble on new ideas we will test them. This current test is so mighty (we believe) that we are giving it its own space.

Activities: We will until further notice be putting our own LCL programmes on hold. We will still be active on certain projects, contributing to ideas and activities in the community. As usual, we look forward to bumping into you!

News:That which is relevant to the LCL mission will go out through our newsletter. Our blog will announce any changes to LCL as and when they happen. As and when the timing is right, we will integrate our new learnings and take things to the next stage. Our students are still our students if they choose to be and we will be sharing our discoveries through to all our LCL friends that feel relevant to LCL and what it stands for. If you want to keep abreast please sign up here [link to subscribe to LCL newsletter]

Resources: We will move more of our materials and intellectual capital into the public domain as we feel it can inspire and help others. This is a gradual project in its own right, so will take a bit of time. Volunteers who are able to assist with this would be very welcome.

Governance: We would like to gradually change LCL into a community driven organisation. This kind of process takes time. If you are interested please get in touch.

Structure: We always believed in minimal structures. We think the current one of Registered Charity is not quite right for what LCL stands for. We will pick the right structure going forward so watch this space.

Thank you: To everyone who has been part of this rich, incredible, life-changing journey.We could not have done this without you! Look forward to taking the next steps with you.

Our Sofia won the People's Vote at the Ogunte Women's Social Leadership Awards 2013!

Update 4th June 2013: She won! Our very own Sofia Bustamante won the People's Vote at the Ogunte Women's Social Leadership Awards 2013. Thank you to everyone who voted and spread the word!

This 2 minute video will uplift you especially if your day is a bit grey.

It is a brief overview of our game-changing work at London Creative Labs in one of the most deprived wards in Brixton, London - bringing solutions to unemployment that address work creation as well as inclusion of disadvantaged communities in the process.

The video is also an entry for The Ogunte Women's Social Leadership Award 2013 for the Social Business Leader Category, in which our very own Sofia Bustamante is one of 3 finalists. Please take a moment to vote for her now! Voting closes soon at 5pm BST on the 15th May 2013, so vote now!


Greg Griffith Introduces 'Mr Grimez The Anti-Hero'

Our very own Social Reporter/Blogger, Greg Griffith has written and published his first in what will be a line of an exciting series of comic books! Mr Grimez: The Anti Hero is hot off the press and ready for purchase at Orbital Comics.

We were delighted to discover he was writing a comic book, when he developed his idea at Social Startup Labs back in July last year. We caught up with Greg to hear about his comic book journey.

"Firstly I will give myself a pat on the back for what I have achieved since July 28th 2012. That was the date I released the Mr Griméz comic online in the digital world, which was the project I launched at Social Startup Labs. At first things were slow but I would always notice some minor changes which would help my situation to evolve.

During the time after I released the first issue many people were asking about the second issue. I felt it was not the right time to produce a second comic as I did not want to rush this project. My mission is to make as many people as possible know about the first issue. I really want to get out of my limbo situation so I was thinking of ways to gain more exposure. This included dressing up as my character Mr Griméz for the Volcano Life Arts event at the Brixton Jamm on November 7th 2012. Boy was that a good week but seriously it was a good experiment as I did get a lot of attention for my mask. Some people were scared of it, I think they got the expression I was from some low budget horror film. Plus since Halloween just passed some people thought I still had the spirit of it stuck in me. No this was not the case, I knew the mask would get attention so it served its purpose. Mr Griméz being a misunderstood character in the comic it also reflected in real life so that was interesting.

I wanted to pick up the pace and bring the story into the physical realm. I decided to print some copies and my friend told me about a store called Orbital Comics which would accept my comic. There is no way on earth I could have turned down this opportunity even though I was bit skeptical at first.

I still believe that this is just the first stage of my journey so for now I will keep in control of my destiny.That's important because it's not about other people taking control of your life. If this is the case you will never be happy and you will be stuck in a cycle of sadness.

I'm glad I'm breaking free of any restrictions, onwards and upwards."

Please check out his Mr Grimez Facebook Page for more of Mr Grimez's antics!


Anything is possible if we believe in it...

Anything is possible if we believe in it and in this economic climate we often feel restricted that there are no jobs out there.

* Is the recession just a mindset of an individual?

* Do we feel that companies will not invest in our ideas because it's not marketable and it's too much of a risk'
* How do we achieve the impossible?
* Can we really set up a business in a time like this?

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