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First Monthly Update! (August '09)

Beautifully designed offices at Grameen Creative Labs. Now that is creativity at work! Beautifully designed offices at Grameen Creative Labs. Now that is creativity at work!

Wow!!! August has flown by and it's been a wonderful month for London Creative Labs!

The Highlights:

  • Visited Grameen Creative Labs in Wiesbaden, Germany and engaged in all things Social Business with Hans Reitz and Saskia Bruysten. Came back super enthused!
  • Outreach: Launched the Peer Fund and with it, began to engage with a wider audience about London Creative Labs, getting feedback at all levels. Realised that the need to communicate the core ideas in an accessible manner was paramount.
  • Populated the website with material co-edited by Mamading Ceesay who also wrote a great guest post — a review of Dr Yunus's first chapter in "Creating a World Without Poverty".
  • Welcomed the talented Katerina Symiakaki onto the team to help with marketing and innovation management.
  • Wrote some articles for various media outlets who have expressed a keen interest in what London Creative Labs is doing.
  • Spoke at The School of Everything Unplugged.
  • Engaged various collaborators in a creative and agile process to scope out the first program of London Creative Labs — the Job Labs!
  • Raised £2,226 via the Peer Fund.
  • Established a nascent presence on social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook in order to engage with the wider community.
  • Finalised the Job Labs structure and process — the first one will be in Brixton and starts in October!
  • Produced a YouTube video explaining the Job Labs Program — very pleased with the final video!

It's been a brilliant month and I would like to thank everyone who's support and engagement has made this possible. Thank you!

Reader Comments (1)

I am very excited by your project. The video was very helpful in understanding the project more clearly. I can now see a flow and how it will work. It is something we really need, ie the old systems aren't working and this seems like a new process of new thinking, which can also be created continuously with and by the people who use it. Well done!

September 1, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterChristina Bustamante

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