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We are highly experienced and skilled facilitators of groups of people, helping them to work together better and create better results.


Read about some of the events we have facilitated.


Past Events


Participatory Community Consultations

The following links are a good demonstration of community consultations that we are proud to have carried out, as they were highly participatory and an example of how to make community data open, meaningful and accessible.

Make Clapham Park Better
Your Community, Your say


Hosting Courageous Conversations workshop

The truth is often simple; telling one's truth and hearing truth from others is the key to creative collaboration. Countless dramas are fuelled by an unwillingness to speak or hear a simple truth. Why do we avoid it? Because we fear the changes that it may bring. Courageous Conversations happen when someone is willing to acknowledge one's truth, to speak it and hear it from others. They are the essential ingredient to creative and connected communities. Sofia Bustamante, co-founder of London Creative Labs and a master of courageous conversation, brings you this workshop in which: you will practice the personal courage necessary to lead and host courageous conversation, you will acquire specific skills informed from a variety of disciplines including Non-Violent Communication and Deep Democracy, and you will practice a specific group process you can use when you need to host a Courageous Conversation in your group. If you want to live in a community that is rich inside and out this is a skill that your group must master. Are you willing to step up and master it yourself?


This workshop is part of the Facilitative Leadership Programme which is a project of London Creative Labs and Decision Lab.


Location: The Spring Gardens | 15th December 2010 - 12pm to 5pm | Cost: £75 | Registration: please email Sofia Bustamante or call her on 07913 088975.


Open Space Events in Lambeth


In late 2010 London Creative Labs facilitated a series of Open Space events in Lambeth, London, sponsored by Lambeth First, the Local Strategic Partnership, and hosted by various community organisations.

photo by A.Gewessler


The events aim to get to the conversations that need to happen and to identify practical ways to move forward right away. Come and join us for a session of Open Space!

Some of the issues we could discuss include:

  • how to improve the lives of local people and keep key services going?
  • how can third sector organisations survive and thrive in the face of the cuts?
  • how to make best use of what we have (equipment, places and people)?

List of Open Space Events

  • Tuesday 14th December, 4.30-7.30pm at Stockwell Park Community Trust. 29 Aytoun Place, SW90TE.

  • Thursday 16th December, 10-1pm at High Trees Community Development Trust. 220 Upper Tulse Hill, SW2 2NS

To book, contact Lambeth First or telephone 020 7926 1708

More info on how to participate

The World’s 1st Facilitation Camp

Brought to you by: Decision Lab and London Creative Labs in association with FutureInFocus, Aptivate and Reos Partners.

What is it? It is not camping. It is an ‘unconference’ where participants co-create the agenda on the day, and co-create the experience they have; they share, collaborate, learn, network. Why? Because it might be the coolest thing you do this year. It might help you enormously with the work you do or want to do, to create the future you dream of, to get better at what you do. It is likely to leave you feeling inspired and buzzing and helping to create the next one.

Who is it for? Anyone who describes themselves as a facilitator. Or who trains, consults, works with people or groups, or who wants to make things happen, build sustainable communities, lead, do social enterprise, work better, cultivate the skills & tools to get to where you want to get to… or to help others get where they want to get to. Or want to hang out with the cool cats.

Location: The Spring Gardens | 20th-21st August 2010 | Register Here

Join us on 9th July to plan Facilitation Camp

After much deliberation and questioning we have decided to postpone Facilitation Camp till the 20th/21st August. We are doing this because we want to take full advantage of the unique opportunity presented. We want to make it into a carnival of collaboration so we are scheduling it during carnival season! There, old hands at facilitation and novices alike can have a great experience learning from one another, sharing skills and insights, and putting the myriad of facilitation methods well and truly on the map. We’re going to be there and having a great time, will you?

For those diehard visionaries and passionate facilitators with their feet on the ground who want to make the carnival their own, please feel free to join us at our planning session on the 9th of July in Vauxhall.

Location: The Spring Gardens | 9 July 2010 | Register Here (free)

Facilitative Leadership Programme

Have you been considering training with London Creative Labs? Are you hoping to do more with us and worried about additional costs?

We found money for you!

We have teamed up with Decision Lab, to develop a London-based offering. We love what Decision Lab do and are thrilled to partner to co-offer this incredible material.

For a limited period, we can offer the leaders of London-area businesses of between 3 and 249 staff access to our new Facilitative Leadership Programme (FLP) for July and August, and several hours of additional coaching and consulting from our team (particularly Sofia Bustamante and Nathaniel White), at a substantially reduced price.

The way this works is that you declare your interest to us; you meet with us for a needs assessment.

You pay us £500 for the programme and then the government pays you at least £330 (up to £500 -- between 2/3rds and all of the programme cost; if you choose to do more with us you may receive up to £1000 from the government through this program).

At that point you can benefit from the FLP community, attend as many of our FLP workshops and events as you like for two months, and we will provide bespoke coaching and consulting as appropriate for your needs and aspirations (up to two sessions a month).

We hope we can still access these funds in the future, but we don't know whether the government will continue to fund leadership and management development. Access to these funds will be allotted on a first-come, first-served basis.

Call us now while they are still willing to give you the money!

The Second Social Startup Lab

Location: The Spring Gardens | 23rd July 2010 | Register Here