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December Open Space Roundup

Open Space at Stockwell Park Community Centre

Back in December, London Creative Labs did a couple of Open Space events in association with Lambeth First who are the Local Strategic Partnership for the London Borough of Lambeth. We posted the harvest from those events shortly afterwards, but we never got round to linking to them from this blog. So we're taking the time to remedy that now. We had a lot of learning which we'll share at some point here on the blog.

Stockwell Park Open Space


Over 40 people, local Residents, staff of Lambeth First and local agencies came together on 14th December at Stockwell Park Community Centre to address the following question: "How can we work together for the benefit of everyone in Lambeth?". You can find out what happened here.

Tulse Hill Open Space


Similarly over 25 people, local Residents, staff of Lambeth First and local agencies took part in an open space on 16th December at High Trees Community Centre in Tulse Hill with the question: "How can we work together for the benefit of our neighbourhood?". You can read all about it here.


Facilitating Local Conversations

Open Space Events in Lambeth

London Creative Labs is pleased to be facilitating a series of Open Space events in Lambeth, London, sponsored by Lambeth First, the Local Strategic Partnership, and hosted by various community organisations.

photo by A.Gewessler

The events aim to get to the conversations that need to happen and to identify practical ways to move forward right away. Come and join us for a session of Open Space!

Some of the issues we could discuss include:

  • how to improve the lives of local people and keep key services going?
  • how can third sector organisations survive and thrive in the face of the cuts?
  • how to make best use of what we have (equipment, places and people)?

What is Open Space? 
One of the most effective processes for organisations and communities to identify critical issues, voice their passions and concerns, learn from each other, and, when appropriate, take collective responsibility for finding solutions.

Open space starts with a blank canvas. As participants, we all set the agenda on the day.

This is an invitation to residents, communities, local businesses and services to come together and help shape the future of Lambeth. If you think you’re not invited you definitely need to be here!

To book, contact Lambeth First or telephone 020 7926 1708

More info on how to participate and full list of the upcoming events

The first Social Startup Lab!

On Tuesday the 15th of June, London Creative Labs held the first of its Social Startup Labs in Vauxhall, South London.

Photo by Pip Dudrah

At Social Startup Labs, 50 participants (social entrepreneurs from across London) learned by doing how communities can work together to create and grow social businesses that provide or enable employment opportunities for all (including the disadvantaged) and make their neighbourhoods better places to live, work and play!

Overview video. Actual lab footage available later!

At the end of the day, five social ventures successfully emerged with clear actions to be taken within a week of the Lab.

The Event in three sentences.
  • The morning was about building the bigger picture of needs, assets and opportunities of a bunch of people in a room.
  • The afternoon was about taking action that was informed by the bigger picture from the morning.
  • The power of community was used to encourage and provide lift-off for individual initiatives, working them from idea to social startup, social project or to bring fresh teams around existing social project or startups.

  • The next Social Startup Labs will be take place on the 23rd of July. Info and tickets here.

    How London Creative Labs is pioneering the Big Society!

    Download a one page summary or the full report on the principles and policies related to our first offering, the Social Startup Labs

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